DOLLY is represented twice in the room: as a camera sculpture and in the video projection opposite (immobile in a field). The cameras are facing each other. Entering the dark room the visitor is confronted with an enlarged video camera (sculpture), which can simultaneously be seen from a different perspective in the landscape (video projection). Passing through the room he has the option of either passing behind the camera – as a cameraman – or in front, thus juxtapositioning himself for a brief spell between the camera and its projected image. In the second version the visitor’s shadow appears for a short moment in the video.

Specification Video installation. Sculpture.
Measurements 1,6 x 0,75 x 1,6 m
Technique Diverse materials: Ironing board, suitcase, monitor, box, paint roller, car tyres etc.; Polyurethane coating. In combination with a video projection (SD video 4:3, loop)
Year of production 2008
Context danke. Debutanten, 13.09.- 10.10.2008. Galerie der Künstler, Munich
Location Galerie der Künstler, Munich, Germany
Copyright | Photo by Patricija Gilyte
Reviews | extracts Press release: danke. Debutanten. Text by Dr. Elisabeth Hartung
Exhibition history 2008 Zimmer frei, Hotel Mariandl, Munich; Island of Art, whiteBox (Kultfabrik), Munich, Germany; 2009 Kunstpreis Aichach, Kunstverein Aichach, Germany; 2011 rasterscalaster, pro arte ulmer kunststiftung, Galerie im
Kornhauskeller, Ulm, Germany