Title ELBLINES 16:9
Undertitle HAMBURG_HORIZON 2009
Measurements Approx. 5,5 x 2,8 m
Technique Foam module white 3 x 2,1 x 3 cm, magnets
Year of production Created for the duration of the exhibition WANDELBAR 27.9.-8.11.2009 in Schloss  Agathenburg
Location WANDELBAR 27.9.-8.11.2009
with Barbara Lorenz Höfer, Patricija Gilyte and Anna Goebel.
Initiated by Jutta de Vries.
Directed by Bettina Roggmann, Schloss  Agathenburg, Germany
Copyright | Photo by Siegfried Ibsch
Reviews | extracts Opening speech by Jutta de Vries;
Thanks Barbara Lorenz Höfer, Jutta de Vries, Bettina Roggmann